September 17, 2014

Welcome To My New Blog

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I love the Health and Fitness industry! It’s where I have always wanted to be! I love seeing peoples lives change in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am blessed beyond measure to live my dream everyday and its my hearts desire to help make positive changes in peoples lives.

Please follow along with my many articles, rants, suggestions and other useful information to help you be the healthy, fit and mindful person you were born to be!

In Good health,

Erich Saylor

The Condition Coach

Recipe for FAT FLUSH WATER!!!!

You may have heard some of the hype about “Fat Flush Water.” But how exactly does water flush fat out of your system? Clearly, water is not some kind of magic diet supplement. Your body needs enough water everyday to keep hydrated and cleanse itself of unwanted materials. Fat deposits that form on the body can be tough to break down and eliminate, but proper nutrition and exercise can help greatly with this.

Fat is broken down when the body uses its fat deposits to produce energy, the triglycerides in the fat cells are removed. Then, these are broken down into fatty acids and glycerols and are then absorbed into your muscle tissue and internal organs where they are then broken down even further through various chemical processes. If the products leftover from these chemical processes are not used by the body as energy, they are then considered waste products and need to be removed from the body. This is where the role of water comes in.

The Role Of Water
Water is the vehicle used to remove these waste products from the body. The leftover materials from the fat breakdown are then filtered out of your organs by the water that you drink. The water carries the waste to your bladder where it is then expelled from your body through your urine! Our bodies truly are amazing! It is important to drink enough water each day to keep you hydrated and facilitate the breakdown and elimination of fat cells. Many sources claim that you should be consuming around 8 glasses of water per day, but this number can largely vary depending on your size, how often you are exercising and even how hot it is outside. Try and keep drinking water consistently throughout the day and consider water before soda, fruit juices or other sugary drinks as these can actually dehydrate your body even more. Often a lack of energy and even headaches throughout the day are simply caused by mild dehydration. It is a good idea to make a conscious effort to drink more water. A little extra is definitely better than not enough!

The Fat Flush Water Recipe -And How It Works
2 Liters (64 oz.) Purified Water

1 Tangerine, sectioned

1/2 Grapefruit, sliced

1 Cucumber, sliced

4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves

Ice, (made from purified water) optional

Mix in a pitcher before bed and drink throughout the entire next day. Please consider using organic produce for this, if it is unavailable to you, thoroughly wash the produce before adding it to the water.

The tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar and because they are high in vitamin C, you increase the fat burning during exercise Tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulates genes to burn fat. – See more at:
The grapefruit will increase metabolic energy, burn fat and increase energy
The cucumber helps you to feel more full, and acts is a natural diuretic which means less bloating and water retention
The mint leaves aid in digestion
There you have it! Please be advised that drinking water alone or even this recipe for the water provided above is unlikely to burn fat on its own. This is considered a fat flush, meaning that you will still need to do the exercise that is required to break down the fat, so that it can then be eliminated by the body. Proper nutrition also plays a huge role, its not about restricting calories, but making sure to get enough calories for your body from healthy, lean, whole foods. At the very least, this tasty water recipe will give you some added nutrients throughout the day, and help to ensure that you are drinking enough water. Enjoy!

Much Love

You might be a meathead if……

You know you’re a meathead when…

Now to most factions of society, “meathead” is a derogatory term, but to me—and I hope to you, too—it’s actually a term of endearment.

Here’s how to know if you fit the bill.

1. The gym equipment you carry around in the trunk of your car costs almost as much as the car itself.

2. When people ask you what day it is, you reflexively answer with what exercise you plan on doing for your workout or what body part you’ll be working. There’s no such thing as Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Instead, it’s deadlift day, bench day, or leg day.

3.  When you carry your luggage or grocery bags, you purposely keep your hands about a foot out to the sides with your arms slightly bent to get some extra work for your shoulders and traps.

4. If you have an odd number of bags, you switch hands at regular intervals, not because they’re heavy but because you don’t want to develop imbalances.

5. You get a slew of fancy and expensive presents for your birthday, but your absolute favorite is a pocket-sized telescoping back scratcher because lord knows you can’t scratch your own.

 You might be a meathead if......

6. Whenever you order food at a restaurant, the waitress asks if more people will be joining you.

7. “Regular” fit jeans look like yoga pants and “loose fit” jeans look like skinny jeans, meaning a) you look like a complete tool and b) you can see everything. “Husky” fit is more reasonable and leaves a little something to the imagination, even though you’re quite lean.

8. You’re a cheap bastard in virtually all aspects of your life yet don’t bat an eye at shelling out hundreds of dollars on a new pair of squat shoes or the latest weightlifting belt.

9. You gauge your shoulder mobility not by a formal assessment process but by whether or not you can shave your back on your own without asking for help.

10. When you buy a new pair of boxer shorts, the first thing you do it cut slits in the leg openings to avoid cutting circulation off to your feet.

11. You give one-word answers for almost any question you receive, but when someone asks what you do for your workouts you give them an hour long soliloquy.

12. Rather than flowers and paintings, your kitchen décor consists of bottles of protein powder and fish oil strewn all over the countertops.

13. What started as a modest equipment collection in the trunk of your car multiplied to where you had to move it into the basement and has now bourgeoned to where it has commandeered the whole garage and you have to park the cars in the driveway. You’re totally ok with this and are now looking for a house with a bigger garage, not so you can keep the cars in there too, but so you can get that new glute-ham raise you’ve been eyeing.

14. You don’t get nervous at all before a big test or a big presentation at work, but you get so anxious the night before going for a new personal record in the gym that you can hardly sleep.

15. “Dude, I can hardly walk after those squats” = That was an awesome leg workout

“That’s the first exercise I’ve found that actually makes my delts sore” = That’s a good shoulder exercise

“The pump after those curls was so bad I thought my skin was going rip apart” = Let’s do those curls again soon

“Those sled pushes had me questioning my existence” = I love sleds

I think I might actually patent a Meathead-to-English dictionary because to a non-meathead, the vernacular makes absolutely no sense.

16. Your close friends start to question if you might be developing Tourettes because you randomly start blurting out “Yea buddy” and “Light Weight Baby” during normal daily activities.

17. You need a calculator for even the most basic math problems but can instantly tell someone the weight on bar with a single glance no matter how heavy it is.

18. When you go to a new gym to inquire about joining, you don’t ask about the price but rather how heavy the dumbbells go and whether or not you can use chalk.

19. Your idea of a “Survival Kit” in your car isn’t jumper cables, a flashlight, and warm blankets but rather protein powder, protein bars, rice cakes, and almonds—just in case of emergency.

20. You don’t think twice about getting under an obscenely heavy bar, but the very thought of running a mile scares you worse than the prospect of going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

21. The only belt you own is a weightlifting belt.

22. When your friends and family try to compliment you by saying that you look like you lost weight, you feel dejected and deflated, deny it, and immediately go eat a sandwich.

23. Conversely, when your friends try to denigrate you by calling you a hard-ass, you assume they mean it literally and thank them for noticing all your hard work.

24. The lunk alarm goes off when you drive by Planet Fitness.

25. When you’re asked how your day was, you instinctively rattle off your numbers from your workout.

26. Your co-workers start to wonder if you’re in an abusive relationship or you’ve joined an underground fight club because your hands are all torn up, you frequently show up to work with a limp (after leg days), and you have mysterious bruises and cuts all over your shins (from deadlifts).

27. Your grocery list consists of less than eight foods but the bill rivals your rent.

28. You aren’t ashamed in the slightest that your hands look like this after an awesome deadlift workout. In fact, you proudly show them off.

 You might be a meathead if......

29. The only time you hear from your high school buddies is when they’re moving and want your help with the heavy furniture.

30. Nothing makes your day like opening a new jug of protein powder and finding the scoop lying right there at the top rather than having to fish around for it. Sometimes it’s the little things…

31. When you hear the word ‘snatch’, the first thing that comes to mind is Olympic lifting and not, well, you know…

32. You refuse to watch the Twilight Saga but can recite Pumping Iron by heart.

33. The extent of your culinary skills is being able to cook chicken in 84 different ways.

34. For the ladies reading this, your purse doubles as a cooler.

35. Your idea of dessert is a great tasting protein powder, which you also doctor up in many different ways for “variety.”

36. If you’re a student, you habitually procrastinate your homework to read Fitness Blogs.

37. If you’ve got a desk job, you’re idea of sneaking around on the internet isn’t looking at porn but reading You constantly have it pulled up on the screen but have mastered the art of minimizing the tab so as not to get caught by your boss.

38. You read this article and find that at least half of it resonates with you.

That’s all I’ve got. What do YOU think?? Haha.

Why You’re Gaining Weight Despite All Efforts to Lose It!

Trying to lose some extra pounds? I’m sure you know the drill: eat lots of vegetables (like leafy greens and beets) and fruit (like grapefruit and lemons). Use olive oil and avoid alcohol, sugar, caffeine, transfats, and other unhealthy things.

If you’re doing all that, but still not where you want to be, here are some possible reasons why:

1. You’re not getting enough recreation and relaxation.

Remember when you were a little kid and it was almost impossible to get you to come inside for lunch or dinner? One year I went to a family dinner for Easter, and there was an enormous amount of food, including a birthday cake for one of the kids. While the kids stayed outside to play and only ate tiny portions, the adults stayed inside to eat … and eat … Well, get out and move, play and have some fun—you just might find yourself thinking a lot less about food. (By the way, the birthday girl didn’t even touch her cake.)

2. Your career is sucking your soul.

For years, we’re heard about studies that suggest Mondays show a rise in the number of heart attacks. The thinking is that after two days away from the office, a return to an unhealthy workplace can do us in.

Whether or not you agree, one thing is certain: We spend a lot of time at work, and when you feel unappreciated, unchallenged or otherwise disengaged, you can experience this physically, in the form of migraines, upset stomachs, stiff necks and back and shoulder pain, anger—AND you’re more likely to eat a lot of sugary, high fat “comfort” foods. No one is ever suggesting that you leave your job without a back up, but it may be time to think about exploring your options.

3. You’re stressed out.

Personal and professional responsibilities, family commitments, financial hardships—even the electric bill—can make our hearts start racing. When you’re in a chronic state of stress, your body will be flooded with cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone. In small-to-moderate amounts it can be a good thing, but too much and you might see some spreading waistlines.

Stress can also blow out your adrenals—and that can be a chicken-or-egg thing. One of the signs of adrenal fatigue is to live in a constant state of awareness, so a siren, construction site—even a ringing telephone—can make you jump out of your skin, adding even more to your stress levels. Then again, another symptom is exhaustion, so you’ll most likely not feel like exercising–plus you’ll also have cravings for salt and sugar.

4. You’re eating too many processed food.

How much of your food comes out of a jar, can, or are even frozen “convenience” foods? Processed foods often contain chemicals and hormones and other unwanted stuff that can wreak havac with your overall well being and weight.

5. You’re skipping meals.

We’re not talking about well-organized and planned fasting or detoxification programs; they can actually support the body with nutrients, even with very few calories.

What can wreck your metabolism is a random omission of calories or nutrients, which leaves you depleted, sluggish and slow. In fact, the American Journal of Epidemiology found a distinct correlation among those who skipped breakfast and soaring obesity rates in the U.S.

Mistakenly thought by many as an effective weight loss tool, skipping a meal can actually cause you to gain, or at least not lose, because it will shut own your metabolism, causing you not to release pounds or even gain them—but the simplest non-scientific reason is that you’ll just reach for any nearby junk food when you’re ravenous.

How bodybuilding can help you Network!

  • Bodybuilders Have Something In Common: Where you train is one of the best places to network. Think about it – it’s pretty easy to start up a conversation with someone at a gym. Just ask them if they think “insert exercise here” is better than other similar exercises for the body part they are working. You see the same people day after day and everyone there is working toward a better body and greater health.
  • Bodybuilders Seek Information: Bodybuilders continually seek up to date information on training and nutrition to help them build a better body. When you enhance your searching skills you uncover dozens of other things that can help you.
  • Bodybuilders Are Goal-Driven: Goal driven, healthy people tend to hang out with one another. By spending your time with other individuals who set out to achieve changes in various areas of their life, this will rub off on you too.
  • Bodybuilders Are Positive: People who exercise tend to be happier and more positive than those who do not. In addition, studies show positive changes in psychosocial characteristics among people who start exercise programs.
  • Bodybuilding Helps You Focus: There are times it’s hard to put your nose to the grindstone and work on your resume or even think about looking for how you can improve a certain area of your life. But, bodybuilding provides a much-needed break that can help you distress, decompress and get back to work once you are done with your workout.

Additional Tips To Help You Network:

  • Use Your Social Networks: There are social networks all around you and you can build them easily with online social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Join Professional Organizations In Your Area And Get Active: These organizations can be job based (meeting planners associations for instance) or more general (women’s networking clubs, African American business association, golf leagues).
  • Go To Conferences: Many professions have options where you can earn continuing education credits on line. By doing this, you are learning but you will not be networking. Go to as many different conferences in your specific area of work as you can. And when you do, don’t hole yourself up in your hotel room. Get out there and talk to people.
  • Find A Mentor: Some organizations have official mentor programs. If you aren’t aware of such a program in the area you would like to be mentored in, ask someone you admire if they will help you.
  • Work On Relationship Building: Once you’ve met someone that you want to align with, the relationship doesn’t stop there. Keep in touch with this person. Follow up with them regularly.

Networking can make a tremendous difference in your life. And, bodybuilding can help by putting you in a community of people to interact with and encouraging the development of skills that will enhance your future networks.

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Don’t take steps back!

 Dont take steps back!

Don’t take steps back in your health and fitness by eating foods that prevent you from success!

Cooking Tips to Build Lean Muscle Mass!

34657 405689381526 2103128 n Cooking Tips to Build Lean Muscle Mass!                                           Bodybuilding Cooking Tips to Build Lean Hugeness

If you’re interested in bulking up, then you may be aware of the fact that you need to change your approach to both diet and exercise. Although the fitness portion won’t be easy, you probably know that you need to start a program of weight training that involves scheduled increases in order to gain muscle mass. On the diet front, however, you may not have a very good idea of how to go about bulking without gaining fat in the process.

If you’re cooking for someone whose goal is to bulk, all you need to worry about is making that healthy food taste great. While I don’t have to time type out all of my recipes today, here are at least some tips to get started.

You’ll almost certainly have to increase caloric intake, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that adding high-calorie foods isn’t enough; they have to be the right foods. Donuts and soda aren’t going to cut it, even if they can help you to more easily reach your caloric goals. For this reason, you need to create a fitness-friendly diet that delivers the nutritious balance required to help you create the bodybuilding physique you crave. Here are just a few tips for your kitchen that will have you cooking like a pro and help you to reach your goals in no time.


  1. Get the right equipment.When you engage in weight management of any kind, whether you’re interested in losing or gaining pounds, the amount and type of food you ingest is of the utmost importance. But before you hit the grocery store, make sure you have the proper tools in place to portion out your meals appropriately. Such items could include a food scale, measuring cups and spoons, and storage (Tupperware, Ziploc bags, etc.). You might also want to invest in a blender (for shakes and smoothies), a veggie steamer, and other equipment that will help you to create the healthy foods you need to bulk up the right way.My staple equipment are a protein shaker, Tupperware containers, and Ziploc baggies. Given a microwave and access to water, these three devices can build you just about anything.
  2. Compile the staples of a healthy diet.The average dieter knows that lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and plenty of fruits and vegetables are essential for proper health and nutrition. But bodybuilding requires a specialized diet composed primarily of protein and carbohydrates, the foods that provide our bodies with its primary sources of fuel. So you might want to stock up on items that fit the bill while avoiding the fats, sugars, and stimulants (caffeine) that won’t really help your cause. You should also look into supplements since you may have trouble getting all the nutrients you need with your current diet.
  3. Buy in bulk.When you’re bulking you’ll have to bump up your caloric intake in a very specific way. For this reason, you should buy the items you’re likely to use the most in bulk so that you always have them on hand. Since you’ll be eating much more food than normal, it pays to prepare so you don’t find yourself hungry and turning to less-than-ideal options.
  4. Prep and cook for multiple meals.A lot of work goes into preparing and cooking healthy meals, and since you’ll be eating more, you can save some time and effort by cooking huge portions and putting leftovers in the fridge or freezer for quick meals later on.
  5. Pack snacks.You could be eating every 3-4 hours when you’re trying to bulk up, and since you probably have a lifestyle that includes a job and other activities, you might not have time to stop and eat as much as you need to. So if you’ve carved out some time for meal prep anyway, use it to pack easy-to-grab snacks, as well, in individual serving sizes. Trail mix, grilled chicken, sliced fruits and veggies, and cheese and crackers are all good options, although you should also pack lunch-size meals in stackable Tupperware that you can take to work.When you have free time on the weekends you can take the time to prepare a nice veggie omelet other special meals. In the meantime, easy options are your best bet for staying on track with your bodybuilding diet.
  6. Contact Erich Saylor “The Condition Coach” for special meal planning and strategies to transform your body and health!

Become an Independent Beachbody® Coach

I am committed to helping you succeed, whether you simply want to meet your fitness goals or want to become an Independent Beachbody® Coach, either to get the discount or build a business on the Beachbody® model. 

If you are on this page, you at least want some information about being an Independent Beachbody®Coach so here it is.  These are the things you should know before you commit to being a coach.

  • The initial cost is $39.95.  This gets you your tool kit, access to an online office, training programs, coach support to grow your business, written materials, national coach calls, resources to get answers to all your questions as well as any questions of those you are coaching and three of your own Independent Coach websites (one for Shakeology, one for Ulitmate Reset and for everything else).
  • The monthly cost after the initial start up cost is $14.95 per month.  This continues your access to all of the above and Beachbody’s® maintenance of your websites.
  • In addition to these costs, you are “encouraged” to purchase or sell at least $50 to $55 worth of products every 35 days. I say “encouraged” because if you don’t have these sales, you will remain in “inactive” status.  This means you will not get referrals from Beachbody (though this requires more than just “active” status) and you will not be eligible for certain Coach programs. When you first start your Independent Beachbody® Coach business, you will likely be purchasing the products yourself.  For most, making sales of $50 to $55 every 35 days will not be a big deal as you are likely buying Shakeology® and other supplements monthly.

So all told, you will be spending about $15 a month (after the initial start up fee) if you have sales (other than to yourself) of approximately $50 to $55.  If you are purchasing the products yourself to meet your $50 to $55 requirement, the cost will be approximately $65 to $70 per month.

Now for the good part – what you get by being an Independent Beachbody® Coach.

  • 25% off all of your purchases.
  • 25% commission from your customers’ purchases (unless they are Club members.  Then your commission is 15%, because Club members get a 10% discount on all their purchases)
  • 50% commission on your customers’ Beachbody® Club member dues
  • Eligibility for bonuses as you increase your business and coaching level
  • Once you reach a certain Coach level (called Emerald) customer referrals from Beachbody® (the Customer Lead Program)
  • Free websites maintained by Beachbody®
  • Support and advertising to grow your business

There are different coaching levels.  Coach, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.  The most important thing you need to do if you are growing your business is to go from Coach to Emerald as quickly as possible.  To get to Emerald, you need to have two people sign up under you and become coaches.  Why is it so important to get to Emerald as quickly as possible?  Because if you are an Emerald Coach and a  Club member (which is $2.99 per week, billed on a quarterly basis ($38.87 per quarter)) you will be eligible for the Customer Lead Program -where Beachbody® sends you customers. This is probably one of the biggest benefits for the least amount of work – someone gives you customers that you will earn commissions from.  How easy is that?

Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say I have convinced you that Shakeology® is a great idea (which it is, really) and you start buying it on a monthly basis.  If you are not a coach, you will pay approximately $120 per month, plus shipping.  If you get home direct (automatic shipping), shipping is free but you still pay $120.  Now if you were a coach, you would pay approximately $90 per month, plus shipping (unless you get home direct, like me).  You do have your monthly fee of $14.95, but even after that, you are still saving over $15 per month on your Shakeology® for doing nothing other than signing up to be a coach.  No one is going to force you to build your business (although I think you will find it easy to do).  So even signing up to be a coach just to get your discount saves you some money.

If you decide to build your business instead, you will pay a little extra each month (for Club membership if you want to be eligible for the Customer Lead Program), but in building your business you will not only save money on products you buy but you will make commissions from people that buy from your site.  There are coaches out there making six figure incomes just from building their Independent Beachbody®Coach business.

All that said, I would love to help you get fit, get healthy and, should you chose to, build your business.  As your Independent Beachbody® Coach, I am here to help you succeed, no matter what your goal.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a fitness expert to be a coach.  All you have to be is passionate about fitness, serious about attaining your goals and willing to help others.  Beachbody® gives you every bit of information you need to help others succeed. Coaches are here for support, information and motivation.  One of the biggest reasons I became a coach was to continue being motivated myself – motivated to keep striding toward my goals, because, for me, I have to live it, if I am going to preach it.

The above outline is just that, an outline.  There are additional details that would make this article very long and overwhelming and you have probably been doing some research online and seen other explanations but if you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer whatever questions you have.  Becoming an Independent Beachbody® Coach can give you a little more financial freedom while you help others get fit and healthy.  So why not start now?

beachbody motto Become an Independent Beachbody® Coach

If you are ready to change your life both physically and financially, click the photo to the right to go to my Beachbody® site and sign up. Click the green “Coach” tab in the middle of the page and sign up!

 If you are on the fence, watch this video for more information.  It might be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Ask The Condition Coach!

If you have specific questions on a certain supplement or would like a review of it…feel free to leave a comment!

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Bigger, Faster or Stronger!


You work hard at the gym to get bigger, stronger and faster. Yet month after month, you see little improvement.

If it seems like gains are eluding you no matter how hard you work, there may be fundamental flaws in your workout.

To help you break down the barriers and reach your training goals, here are five common workout mistakes along with solutions.

shutterstock 32772676 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Bigger, Faster or Stronger!

1.Failing to Increase Intensity

Your muscles get stronger through a process called supercompensation. This happens when muscles adapt to the stimulus from the previous workout. If you fail to challenge yourself with a heavier weight or a different volume, your muscles have no need to adapt and get stronger.


To stimulate gains, use the concept of progressive overload, which involves gradually increasing the difficulty. The process is simple: add some weight, do an extra rep or two, or cut your rest time by a few seconds. There are more specific forms of progressive overload, but this basic formula will help you climb over a training plateau.


2.Lack of Periodization

Don’t be surprised that you aren’t getting stronger if you do three sets of 12 reps for every exercise each week. You are only targeting one of the four types of muscle development, and you will fail to make additional adaptations if you do the same thing too long.


Change cycles every three to six weeks. As you move through your sets, increase the weight so that the exercises are still challenging even though you’re performing fewer reps. Take four to seven days off between cycles to allow your body to recover and to prevent overtraining.

·         Endurance – 2-3×12-20

·         Hypertrophy – 2-3×8-12

·         Power/Strength – 4-5×3-8

·         Absolute Strength – 5×1-3


3.Too Complicated

Flashy and advanced exercises may be attractive, but they don’t always produce greater gains. Mobility and strength issues may limit potential gains from plyometrics, agility drills and Olympic lifts. And you may increase your risk of injury.


Master basic multi-joint lifts such as Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-Ups and the Bench Press. Make sure you have flawless technique and don’t strive to lift beyond your limit. As a general guideline, you should exceed basic strength standards before performing plyometric and agility work.

Note: These tests use a weight equivalent to your body weight.

·         1.5 x Back Squat

·         1.25 x Bench Press

·         2.0 x Deadlift

4.Jogging Too Fast or Sprinting Too Slow

Jogging too fast or sprinting too slow can cause you to fall into a range where you won’t make gains. You either won’t sprint fast enough to challenge your muscles, or you will jog at a pace where you will fatigue too quickly and fail to build long-term endurance.


Always sprint at a speed greater than 95 percent of your maximum effort. To maintain this pace over several sets, you will have to rest three to five times as long as it takes to complete the sprint.

If you want to improve your endurance, jog at less than 65 percent of your max. A light steady jog will challenge your cardiovascular system and help you stay at a pace that allows for a safe, long workout.


5.Failing to Recover

Strength, size and speed improvements are initiated in the weight room or on the field, but they are fortified when you recover between workouts. If you fail to optimize this time, you will negate the potential gains from your training.


There isn’t one step to recover from a workout. You need to cool down and foam roll after each session. Sleep also plays a critical role, stimulating gains through the release of natural growth hormone. Get your eight hours. Finally, it’s important to focus on your diet. Follow a balanced meal plan and fuel properly before and after your workouts.


Strengthen Your Core!

girl ab exercise Strengthen Your Core!

                               Strengthen Your Core!!


A short and simple post about strengthening your core with simple body weight exercises you can do at home, or with minimal equipment in the gym. There is too much talk about just doing compound exercises and avoiding core work these days – whilst this is true it leads to neglected direct core work, which is not a good idea.

You are better off finding a balance between the two. Doing exercises like pull-ups, squats, pushups, and sprinting. Whilst also using some more direct core work to help improve your posture, balance, co-ordination and everyday movement. Basically helping you in the real world. A weak core is not a good thing….

Weak or inflexible core muscles can impair how well your arms and legs function. And that saps power from many of the moves you make. Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability. Thus, it can help prevent falls and injuries during sports or other activities

So what exercises are we recommending and when? How about doing some core work on its own when your body is strong or after doing some cardio or playing sports. We aren’t going for rippling abs but rather a tight, balanced, and strong set of core muscles that will decrease your chance of injuries, improve your posture and athletic prowess.

Reverse Crunch – One of the best, it is scalable and gives the lower abs and back a challenging workout.

Twisting Crunches – Throw some of these in to work the obliques and mobilize your spine.

Planks – Simple but extremely effective at working deep into the core.

Spiderman’s – More compound ab exercise that will work your hips and lift the heart rate

So… 4 exercises! How about doing 3 sets of each without break for 1 minute each. That is a total of 12 minutes and a great core workout that you can do 1-2 times a week. Stick to it for a month and see the difference.

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